More Crafting: DIY Chalkboard Painted Chargers

I told you this is the season for crafting around here and I wasn’t kidding! My comic covered pumpkins weren’t the only project I had going on last weekend. Besides the pumpkins, taking care of my sick husband and chasing Olivia around the house, I also managed to finish up these chalkboard painted chargers.
I realize the idea isn’t all that original. In terms of crafting, it seems like just about everything these days has seen the tip of a brush covered in chalkboard paint. However, with the holiday season approaching, I really wanted a set of these for all the festive tablescapes I will be creating. And since I was doing it anyway, I figured I would put together this little tutorial in case anyone else wants to try. Here is what you’ll need to start.
Begin with a set of plain chargers. The best deal I can find right now is at Michael’s, where you can buy them for $1 each. Next you’ll need a permanent marker and an 8″ round template. For my template I simply used a glass plate that I happened to have in my cupboard.
Place your template in the center of the plate and trace it with the black marker. Now you have a perfect circle to fill in with chalkboard paint.
I found that using a small flat tip brush was the easiest way to get a nice clean line with the paint. 
Once you have gone around the edges, fill in the middle with your first coat of paint.
You will need at least three coats of paint for full coverage. On a few of mine, I even went with four coats.
Once the last coat of paint is dry, you’re ready to grab the chalk and go crazy! I wanted mine to have our dinner menu printed on them, but I can imagine they would look nice with any number of hand written messages. 
We’re not super fancy here, so I like the casual look that the chalkboard paint brings to my gold charges. I plan on using them when I host our family Halloween dinner at the end of the month and I will most likely use them at Thanksgiving and Christmas too. They look really good underneath my collection of clear glass plates!
I’ve used chalkboard paint enough now to know that in reality, I will probably get about 3 to 4 uses out of these before the chalkboard surface needs a touch-up coat of paint. No matter what anyone says, chalkboard paint is simply not the same as an actual chalkboard. Luckily, adding another coat of paint down the line will be extremely easy, so I really don’t mind having to give them a touch-up every now and then.
Thanks for reading!
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    What a great use for these chargers! I see them at Goodwill all the time (I think they get used at weddings and then donated). I will have to start snagging these up for a similar project.

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      Hi Ellie and thanks for stopping by my blog! That is strange that the surface is not turning out smooth. For the most part mine turned out fairly smooth. That said, the paint does get thicker as you add layers. So on mine the surface isn’t completely even. Although it works well enough to write on, there are a few tiny bumps or ridges here and there. Here are a few ideas that might help: 1) Make sure the paint isn’t old. 2) let each coat dry completely before adding a new one. 3) you could try using a brush to paint around the circle and then try a very small paint roller to fill in the middle. 4) I find that some brushes are better at getting a smooth finish. You might just try using a different brush.

      Again, mine are not perfect. If you look really close in the step 5 photo, you can see some of the unevenness I’m talking about. I feel like I have rambled on and probably not helped you at all! I hope some of this make sense. I hope it all works out for you! Let me know how it goes! :)

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    Just came across your site on SoFabFood on FB. These chargers are the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Love everything I’ve seen so far in my few minutes browsing.

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    The popcorn trio is what was featured (definitely have to try those!) and was immediately impressed by how nice your site is. Very professional and so much attention to detail. I’m on the verge of starting a blog (still in the research phase). How have you liked Blogger/blogspot?

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