• New Year, New Listings!

    Happy New Year! Is is too late to say that? Oh well, I'm saying it anyway since this is the first chance I've had to pop on my blog this year. 2019 has started out super busy.
  • Vintage Map Christmas Tree

    I've been playing around with these vintage maps from an old atlas I found rcently. I decided to take some, roll them up and see how they would look tied to a little Christmas tree. I kind of like the way it turned out!
  • Instagram Shop Giveaway

    Happy Monday! I'm hosting a little giveaway over on Instagram and I wanted to share here on my blog as well. Come on over and enter to win a $25 gift card/code to my online shop. AND if you are local, it can also be used in my booth at Pomona Antique Mart!
  • Outing: Brunch At The NoMad Hotel Los Angeles

    This past weekend I had brunch with my mom and sister at The Nomad Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The interior design is beyond amazing in this place and so I had to share a few pics that I snapped that day.
  • Vintage Inspired Gift Wrap for the World Traveler

    Whenever I see an old atlas while thrifting, I can never pass it up. I love using vintage maps in my home decor. And they make great pieces for crafting, scrapbooking and gift wrap!
  • Vintage Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree

    I've never been a big collector of vintage costume jewlery, but I found this craft project while searching Pinterest the other day, and thought I might need to start!
  • Vintage Clothespin Ornaments

    I recently found a large collection of vintage clothespins while thrifting. It might sound wierd but there's something about these old clothespins that I love. I think it's that they remind me of being at my grandmas's house in the summers, and seeing all the clothes drying on the line in her backyard.
  • New Pine Wood Storage Cabinet + More Furniture Pieces Coming!

    Hey guys! I know I haven't posted here on the blog for a while. I've been really busy adding new listings to my online shop and trying to keep my booth at Pomona Antique Mart fully stocked on a regular basis. That said, I did want to pop in and share this beautiful pine wood storage cabinet that I ended up taking home from an estate sale a couple weeks ago.
  • New Collection: Ice Cream Lovers Gift Set

    Hey guys! I just listed a new collection in my online shop and this one is perfect for ice cream lovers.
  • Styling For Pomona Antique Mart: AFTER

    Hey guys! I wanted to share the after shots from my styling project over at Pomona Antique Mart. I'm really happy with how it tunred out!
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