I've got some new listings in my online shop! I've been stocking up with some fun red, white, and blue items. These are perfect for the fourth of July, but will actually look cute all year long.

1. New York City Board of Education, Vintage Schoolhouse Rulers  /  2. Red & White Checkered Pillow Cases  /  3. USA Apollo 11 Commemorative Drinking Glasses  /  4. Chunky Wooden Apple Puzzle  /  5. Set of 6 - Woven Baskets 

vintage red metal tool box mendez manor

6. Vintage Red Metal Tool Box

vintage childs apron mendez manor

7. Vintage Child's Apron

vintage red caboose via Mendez Manor

8. Vintage Red Caboose

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for regular shop updates. -Nicole Mendez, Curator