I recently found a large collection of vintage clothespins while thrifting. It might sound wierd but there's something about these old clothespins that I love. I think it's that they remind me of being at my grandmas's house in the summers, and seeing all the clothes drying on the line in her backyard. 

Anyway, I decided to list some of them in my online shop and keep a few for myself. For the ones I am keeping, I've been searching for cute crafty ideas that the kids and I could do together. I really like the thought of turning them into Christmas tree ornaments. Here are some of the ideas I've come across so far.

1. Hula Girl Clothespin Dolls

2.Clothespin Ballerinas

3.Clothespin Soldiers

4.Clothespin Snowman 

vintage wooden clothespins for crafting christmas tree ornaments

I am selling the clothespins I have in sets of 10 for $5.95 plus shipping. You can view the listing details and purchase here. Thanks for reading and happy crafting!